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Here is a short list of tasks we can do for you. Looking for something special?  We don't do everything, but we have an expansive network. Ask us!  We can make it all better! 


Dont flush your money down the drain. Let us fix your leaks and drops. We also hang, tighten and straighten mirrors,  towel racks and hand rails.  Can also repair and replace your toilet and exhause fan. 

FLOORING and Doors

We can repair your tile flooring and fix your grout!  We also adjust, straighten and secure doors, install barn doors and more. We install doggie doors! 


We do furniture repair, add shelving to closets, reattach door moulding and baseboards and can even build or repair your deck. 


We will load and haul away junk, and yard waste. 


We install or repair your backsplash, fix your leaks and drips. Will fix or install your faucets and  disposals.


We are handy with paint touch ups.  


We install light fixtures, hang or replace ceiling fans, change out switch plates and toggle switches. We will change out hard to reach lightbulbs and will even hang your decorative outdoor lighting and Christmas lights!


Not only can we fix your loose or binding windows, we clean them too! 

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